Demijohn: The Liquid Deli

Demijohn: The Liquid Deli

Demijohn: The Liquid Deli

On October 3rd, a group of us from the programme attended an evening tasting at Demijohn. Terming themselves a “liquid deli,” Demijohn are a small shop which now has branches in Edinburgh, Glasgow, York, and Oxford (the company was founded in Edinburgh). The concept is simple: predominantly UK produced alcohols on one side of the shop; vinegars and oils on the other. Each is charged by the ml and can be dispensed into the glass bottles of varying size scattered throughout the shelves.

The tasting provided a much-needed break from study. Upon arriving at the shop, our group split up, as did the larger group of about fifty locals. In rotation, we tasted the liqueurs, the spirits, and the oils and vinegars.

Among my favourites were the Seville orange gin, apricot brandy, elderflower vodka, elderberry port, honey mead, Clynelish 14 year single malt cask-strength scotch, ginger wine, and limoncello. All of the vinegars were delectable, and among the oils, the Villa Montalbano olive oil was particularly good. Indeed, it’s almost useless to assemble a list of favourites – everything was excellent.

I’m sure I’ll return and purchase something, but before then, I have to decide just what it is I want…

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