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On the Row: London Part II

As we turn the weekend into our last week of CMRS it’s increasingly clear to me that I’ll barely have this blog caught up through October before I’m back in Minnesota celebrating Christmas. Because I’ve used it (and intended it) mainly as a mechanism of updating those at home as to my activities, I’m not […]

Oxford Happenings

Over the past month, summer has bled into what I would describe as late fall. I say ‘what I would describe as’ because an English man I spoke to last week remarked conversationally that we’d been having a “rather mild winter lately.” When snow is rare, I suppose browning leaves, chilly weather, and occasional rain […]

Turner and Mnozil in London

On Friday and Saturday (October 10 and 11) Bekah and I walked Oxford, principally at Magdalen College and the University Parks. On Sunday, we traveled to London to catch one of Mnozil Brass’ UK tour dates. Mnozil, an Austrian brass band/Pythonesque comedy troupe, has been a favourite of ours for years. They haven’t toured the […]

Swans and Cows: University Parks Redux

Bekah and I spent the 10th of October walking the Magdalen College grounds and the University Parks. On Saturday the 11th, we returned to the University Parks for a day of reading and relaxation, and to feed the waterfowl. The birds gather at the north end of the park where a large pond provides them […]

Autumn comes to Oxford

After finishing the integral course on October 9th, our program had a brief pause before heading into Michaelmas term. Each of the three Oxford terms (Michaelmas in the fall, Trinity in the winter, and Hilary in the spring) is eight weeks long. During each term, most undergraduate students take one major and one minor tutorial. For […]

Demijohn: The Liquid Deli

On October 3rd, a group of us from the programme attended an evening tasting at Demijohn. Terming themselves a “liquid deli,” Demijohn are a small shop which now has branches in Edinburgh, Glasgow, York, and Oxford (the company was founded in Edinburgh). The concept is simple: predominantly UK produced alcohols on one side of the shop; […]

School and Other Things

The first month of CMRS has seen us occupied with writing a 6,000 word research paper on a topic of our choice. And until the evening of October 9th, that paper has occupied about half of my working time (I’ve also been preparing applications for the Rhodes and Marshall Scholarships, as well as various graduate […]