If I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog lately, it’s because I’ve been occupied with finishing the first academic experience of the semester. Because Oxford operates on a system of eight week trimesters beginning in October, American study abroad programs must improvise to compensate for the mismatch in credit load. My program — the Centre […]

Yesterday, Bekah took me to Port Meadow, a 300-acre area northwest of the Oxford city center. The excursion was part break from study, part celebration of my upcoming birthday. Either way, it was an enjoyable and refreshing twenty-minute walk to the meadow, an experience far surpassed by the wild beauty of the place itself. Port […]

Since I last wrote, I’ve settled into Oxford fairly well. After the first week of orienting, exploring, and adjusting to the time change, this past week has been comparably quiet. That’s not to say, however, that it has been dull or sedentary. Since last Monday (8 September), I’ve seen the Ashmolean Museum, the Bate Collection of […]

It’s difficult to believe I’ve been in Oxford for four days now. I’m here to study at the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (CMRS), a program in association with Keble College. The program is housed in St. Michael’s Hall, a cobbled-together building which runs between Shoe Lane and Queens Street in the centre of […]

This summer I’ve been writing over at the Bethel at War project blog. And while you are certainly welcome to browse the content on that website, I want to highlight here what I consider to be some of my most interesting work. First among that work is my five part series chronicling the Baptist General Conference’s response […]